Sport-Brella Collapsible Iceless Cooler

I have had one of these for about 2 years now. I keep it in the trunk of my car. It is perfect for long trips (I drive from NY to Fl and back twice a year). As it is not water proof, I add a towel to the bottom and use frozen drinks pouches to keep stuff cool, but they melt and can be drank throughout the trip. I also find it useful for grocery store purchases to keep the frozen stuff cold till I make it home. It is VERY durable. Not Styrofoam, but a flexible expanded plastic that seems not to break even under rough treatment.

There are 2 sizes of this product and the pictures here are a mix of both.

Best I can tell the XL has no handles.

I was about to buy but will not if there is no handles.

Watch the video there is 1 shot of the XL being carried and there are no handles. He is gripping at the ends and if that is cooler full it would be hard to do.

I suspect this is why they are out of stock on this model, they are getting ride of a poor design.

Woot, please clarify

I picked up the smaller version of these as a clearance item last year at one of the big box hardware stores. I keep it folded up in the back of my car for shopping. It does well enough with cold foods, but it really shines with hot foods. It was a huge hit at Thanksgiving dinner - so much so I picked up two more as gifts. The “dishwasher safe” feature has come in handy as well. I consider it money well spent.

Black is an interesting choice for a cooler color.

I was tempted to get one - but this is not a deal at all. 25% off. Is just a sale price not a deal price.

Why buy it from Woot today when you can buy if from their web site at the same price?

U shaped handles do tend to break under load. The cutouts can be difficult to handle as well, but there are handles in both models, on the hinges and on the sides, though they appear small in the video.

That is probably where it shines, temporary transport of foods. Most people do prefer a traditional cooler when they are traveling on the beach and the like so that they can stay longer with colder foods.

plastic of any type will melt in 400 deg, and these styrofoam like plastic ones are especially suspect to such things since its purpose is to prevent heat from being transferred away.

It must keep things colder if you park your car on top of the cooler! The tire must seal the box.

Hey now… When you’re not chillin’ you can change the oil in your car… or buy two… one to jack-up the car… and the second to keep that divine golden goodness chilled.

Which model is the purchase? The pictures show two different coolers. one with a square collapsing hinge, and one with a Protruding Ball-type hinge.

This sale is for the larger one (Dimensions: 23.5" x 10" x 15.5" Capacity: 41 qt.), so it would have square hinge. The smaller, square cooler has the ball-type hinge.

Just a note if this turns up for sale again:

I received my order today, and I feel duped. This is a styrofoam cooler with stickers on it. The “hinges” are pressure-fit bumps on one foam piece that fit into concave bits in the other. The “clips” that hold the sides together are keystone-shaped foam tabs that feel like they’ll break off in less than a dozen uses. 60 cans? Laughable. The bottom would blow out with half that.

At 25 bucks, this is wildly overpriced. It’s nicer than the $5 white foam coolers in the “seasonal” aisle at the drug store, but only slightly. Bad woot, bad.