Sport-Brella Super-Brella, Chairs and Canopy

I wish the video actually showed how to set it up from beginning to end. But it just shows bits and clips of people relaxing in it. Here in Santa Monica, it gets pretty breezy at the beach and I watch many umbrellas and other things like this just fly away. I want to see it being set-up!

I own this umbrella. It does well in light winds as it can be anchored down. At the beach, my umbrella tends to stay where I need it to while I see other struggling. Of course, this is an umbrella and not a house, so moderate wind will give it problems. You can watch this video and see how wind will affect it:

Just don’t set it up improperly (they way this guy did) and you will be fine.

Sport-Brella BRE01 Super-Brella
$49.99 40% off List Price

What are the packed dimensions?

Can you bring it as a carry on?


From the specs tab:
Folded dimensions: 54" x 4" x 4"
Weight: 9 lbs.

As for carry on, you’d have to contact your particular airline, but my inclination is no.

used my new 'brella this weekend in 105 degree temp, needless to say came in handy kept me, the kids and wife cool(er).