Sport-Brella Super Brella Express

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Sport-Brella Super Brella Express
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We love our Sport-Brella!

It sets up in seconds and comfortably accommodates 2 adults in full size chairs. You get almost all the benefits of a tent with the ease of an umbrella.

There are 2 ad-ons you may want to consider: First, sandbags work much better than stakes on the beach. I picked up 4 “ditty bags” from a camping store but just about any kind of bag will work. Second, clipping or safety-pinning a blanket or towel to the tie-down grommets will give you enough privacy for a quick change of clothes.

These work great as a lean-to by the camp fire. Of course, when I use it as such, I probably end up in good standing for a Darwin award…

If you plan to use it standing upright at the beach, rather than leaning onto the ground, you’ll need a sand screw…one designed for a very thin pole. I get by with a standard sized one, but I had to redneck on a bunch of duct tape to make the pole thick enough to secure into the screw.

The sandbag comment is spot on. I use them, even in the upright position, to stabilize the thing to good effect. I use the cloth bags my sheet sets came in. They’re just about the perfect size and fit easily in the bag for the umbrella. If it’s windy you ca open the little windows to reduce lift.

Upright umbrella, no sandbags, no screw, closed windows = chasing your umbrella down the beach to the amusement of everyone. Not that it happened to me though, it happened to…a friend, yeah.

We have and like it. But as others have said, it is best used the way it is pictured, laid down on the beach/ground.

Well made and this price is decent.

Note it is not a light weight accessory. Unlike upright beach umbrellas the pole is heavy steel. Strong, but not light weight.

We don’t use it as often as we expected. We more often reach for the big aluminum upright beach umbrella (the kind also you see at the warehouse clubs). Those types are easier to haul and more stable when used upright/vertically due the ease of screwing them into the sand.

We bought one of these from Academy a few months back for use at the beach. Was a pain to set up and did not stand up to moderate winds. We returned it the same day.

What does “Express” mean in the heading? I can’t seem to find anything with that word when searching the umbrella. Thanks!

I believe it is the style/size. I have a Sportbrella-XL which is bigger. Maybe they say express due to it being smaller, it’s quicker to setup?

The Super-Brella is a simplified version of the Sport-Brella and is still perfect for camping, sporting events, and the beach.

One thing that is different about this express model is that it does NOT have the pockets on the sides, which are great for putting sand in at the beach to keep it weighed down. Keeps you from having to stake it down.

I have one with the pockets and it’s very easy to set up. Just put the base pole in at a 45 degree angle, pop open the umbrella and place it on, fill the side pockets with sand and you’re done.

I thought this was a great deal, until I got it. I opened it up to check and make sure nothing was wrong with it. Everything looked good, then I extended the pole and tried to lock it into place. The little plastic tab between the lever and the pole broke off. Now there is no way to lock it into place. It probably wont cost much to replace the part with something much more sturdy, but for it to break on the first attempt to use it means I won’t buy anything from those manufacturers again.

I had the same issue. Reached out to SportBrella. Sent in pictures and the response was that this is not their product, but a knock off. VERY disappointed as either WOOT got scammed, or they deliberately misled us Wooters. I hope it was the former.

Sorry for the trouble! Please email with your order info and issue; CS can help get things sorted out.