Sport-Brella Super-Brella

Two perfect reviews over at and TONS of solid reviews (4.3 out of 5.0) over at amazon

[MOD: Those are the Sport-Brella, not the Super-Brella]

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Sport-Brella Super-Brella
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Because when the sun shines, we’ll shine together
Told you I’ll be here forever
Said I’ll always be your friend
Took an oath, I’m a stick this thing up so we don’t hafta stand.

Now that it’s raining more than ever
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You can sit under my Super-Brella

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Under my Super-Brella
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I own one of these. I use it all the time camping. Pop it up close to the fire and you got an
instant lean-to.

Of course, not too close or, things will get really exciting!

Oh and… works okay for the beach too.

I find your lack of poll disturbing.

I wonder if I could bring this to work and enclose my cube…

I bought this at Costco several years back. The plastic tips at the end of the umbrella get brittle over time and break easily. The company was nice to send me replacement tips but I would the effort to sew them back requires time (15 min each). For light usage, it is a fair price.

I just bought one of these last month. I love it but hate trying to push it into the grass. The spike on the bottom bar isn’t sharp enough to go in hard grass. I bought a Umbrella stand to go with it

Is it possible to use this as a regular umbrella - albeit huge? Can the side flaps be pinned up allowing a more umbrella-like shape?

Your links are to the Sport-Brella. This is the Super-Brella: different product, with fewer features and less durability from what I see.

Good call. The Super-Brella seems pretty good, but the featured comment on Amazon has a compelling headline: “This seems to be an outdated version of the Sports-Brella.”

I have one of these and have been using it strictly for the beach for 4 seasons now. Stays put in the sand and offers lots of shade. I think I paid twice this amount. Recommend.

Note: The end of the pole is pretty spear-like. Be sure you have it anchored well or have help on a windy day – otherwise you’re likely to cause some real damage if someone meets the business end of it.

x2 I’m also interested in this. I was curious if the pole is long enough to use it that way. I can always buy a sand anchor to help it be more secure if set up like a traditional umbrella…

I don’t think it’s outdated. The Sport-Brella lists both models. It says the Super-Brella “is a simplified version of the Sport-Brella and is still perfect for camping, sporting events, and the beach.”

Hey BubblyDash,

The Super-Brella Shelter is intended to be used while staked into the ground. The flaps can be rolled up so that they do not dangle.

And just so we’re on the same page, I HIGHLY recommend that you do not use this as your handy umbrella on rainy days!! :slight_smile:

Hopefully I answered your question and if not, please fire away!


Tim Clark
Sales Manager at Super-Brella

@BubblyDash, we got the Sport-brella version at Costco (I think for the same price) a while back.

The pole appears to be made of steel rather and a smaller diameter vs the cheaper umbrellas available at warehouse clubs that have a larger diameter aluminum pole. We also have a couple of those cheaper umbrellas.

The point being the following: all that steel (also the stretchers) makes this a lot heavier vs the cheapos. As a result we find we take this with us less frequently, especially if we have to walk with it very far.

It has much more functional flexibility and we don’t regret buying it, but if you simply want a beach umbrella to plant in the sand at the beach, also consider the warehouse club cheapos.

These things are great. Really versatile and easy to put up in a couple minutes. We can fit 4 underneath when it rains sitting in chairs (for a parade for example) and can comfortably shade 3 people laying on the sand at the beach - more if you want to get cozy.

I’m on my second one unfortunately - I didnt secure it well enough and my 1st one blew away into LaKe Superior :frowning: famous for abrupt wind changes. You’ll want to secure it well - if they fall on to their side and hit anything solid, the end caps that fasten the material to the ribs are plastic and easily break.

I have one of these purchased from a big box on clearance for the same price. It works pretty well when laying down but that only helps when the sun can be to your back. For example if you are at your kids game and the sun is in your face you can’t position it where you can see the game. I also found as a standard umbrella it is just not stable enough, or you would have to push it so deep it is only 3 ft off the ground. So, when the sun is directly overhead you won’t get much shade. Big enough for 2 adults.

Just to add, my MIL was using it in a storm at a game and it folded upwards and was destroyed. I exchanged it at the big box store and now I don’t use it in a storm.

One thing that is kind of neat is I can use it on my deck in one corner. I can jam the post between the deck boards and it rests on the rails. I use it as an emergency rain shelter when I am grilling/smoking outside. Of course this only works when it is raining but not too windy.

I bought one of these off Amazon a couple years ago and have been fairly pleased with it. It has some durability issues though. A) The little clip that’s supposed to secure the pole extension broke on literally its first usage. I modified by drilling holes through the pole and securing with a bolt/nut now. B) The metal pointed tip broke off in my lawn. Now I just have a hollow pole. Still works fine for sand but I can’t use it in the lawn without having to remove the soil plug from the pole each time now. C) The stakes/ropes they provide are not going to hold in sand in anything more than a light breeze. They’ll probably be fine for grass. To get some reliable use out of it on the beach, I made some sand anchors by securing some paracord through some flat pieces of metal. I bury the metal about a foot down in the sand and fill the hole back in with wet sand. The other end of the ropes I secure to the umbrella with carabiners. D) The stake bag they provide you with is plenty good for the stakes they provide, but if you follow what I did in point C, then you’ll also need to come up with a larger, more durable stake bag. I made mine out of leather.

All that being said, they were all very low-cost repairs and modifications and this is a really good umbrella for the price.