Sport & Outdoor Randomness

Ah, sorry I missed the Gordini gloves. Love the ones I got last winter.

I know they’ve already sold out, but I bought the Chaos three pack of knit caps last time they were offered and I love them. They’re just warm enough and breathable enough to not give gross head sweat and are soft, comfy, and well fitted.

I bought two packs, so six of them, so that between myself and my parents, we’d never be without winter hats since they always go missing in cars/clothing piles/random places around the house. Having six means I always know where to find at least one.

And if it wasn’t for the fact I was away this weekend, I would have added twelve more. Keeping your head warm during the winter is essential, and a hat means you can get away with an extra day of not showering by hiding your gross hair.

That’s a tip for my fellow college students.

I wanted some, too. Sadly, it looks like there was only one set.