Sport.Woot's One-Stop Woot-Off

So there used to always be pocket knives on Woot. And now I want one. But I don’t see any pocket knives :frowning:

While it is convenient to have everything available just listed, it kills the excitement of a Woot-Off. This is almost like just going to a store’s website and seeing what they have available for sail. I like the Woot-Off b/c it is different and exciting. I also miss the games to win a BOC.

I think its MUCH BETTER this WAY, you can select many items in one Order and when u check out you Shipping is just $5 extra.
In the recent past WOOT offs, I bought 5 different items (when they changed every few mins) and my Shipping was $5 x 5 = $25 More.

Just think without this New way of advertising, if you Bought 10 Items from the WOOT off your Would pay (5 x10)= $50 More In Shipping.

THe Only thing I would like to see is the Items Listed to be Updated, as other Items are Sold out. :frowning:

I Hope at Midnite they Change all the Items in this “One Stop Woot off Sale” :slight_smile:

Or ditch the shopping cart and go to back to the $5 shipping all day.

The Vespa bag says the laptop compartment is 15x8.5 (I think). My work laptop is 9.5" deep… will it not fit? or is it that it will just stick up a bit in that pocket (the bag size seems plenty big)?

So, are any of these bmx bikes the right size for a dude that’s 5’10"?
According to the internet, the crank should be 180mm and these are 175mm, but I can’t find a frame size… and if it’s 21.5 inches or so, would the crank still ruin the experience?

Has anyone ever mounted a backboard before? I’m looking at brackets online and there is almost nothing under $100. Is it possible to mount the spalding backboard/rim combo with a 4x4?