SportLock LeatherLock Double Pistol Case

Cliff Clavin goin’ postal with up to 4 pistols. Nice. :slight_smile:

I might have considered this last week before I bought this:

Where did you get your case?
Made by ?

It’s the USA MADE Seahorse® SE - 540 WATERPROOF Quick Draw Pistol Case

Can’t find any reviews. But the shotgun case from the same LeatherLock series seems to have good reviews. I’m guessing you can assume similar build quality.

Ah - another calgunner, I see! I got mine on order too. :slight_smile:

Manufacture’s price is only $49…

It’s a nice case. I’ll never open my case again and guns facing the wrong way at the range.

Dang, that’s a nice case. Now I want to buy a couple guns just so I can get that case.

No, you did good.

Now if they could just make a case that held 2 guns in one compartment the Bible in another and instead of covered with leather it would be draped in the American flag you guys would make a killing.