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Will the mummy one, Blue, be good for backpacking? How small does it compress down to? Needs to fit in the bottom compartment of my pack.

I think it’s a bit on the heavy side at 5.5 pounds because of the filling that it uses and also because it’s rated for the cold which might be overkill if you’re warm weather camping.

Price is ok and it’s better for car camping.

I would like to buy the green one, but cant switch it off the blue…

have the green ones sold out???

hmm woot, guess I cant buy it. was going to take two, but no one’s listening.

Which item are you asking about?

The sleeping bags

When adding the sleeping bag to your cart, Woot! doesn’t give the option of 0º or 30º (Blue and Green respectively).

This is a great price. But I would really like to know that I will receive the 0º when purchasing.

Slow to answer Woot, I’m on day 2 of waiting!

Will one of you regular shoppers send me a message when Woot actually decides selling a quality rowing machine? I inquire but am ignored by them. Instead, they keep selling this Schwinn pedaling p.o.s.