Sports Beat D-70 Pedometer Watch for Dummies



product(s): 1 Sports Beat D-70 Pedometer Watch for Dummies
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$9.99 + $5 shipping


pedo meter? hmmm


These are actually pretty nice - and obviously a lot better quality that those McDonald’s pedometers they were giving away with any salad purchase a while back.

The wife would probably like this…it would make a great stocking stuffer but I wonder if the watch is a bit too masculine for a woman.


Does this work for swimming - stroke count?


Do you wear it on your ankle?


Now that’s an interesting question!


it is for me.


water resistant to 50 meters for those who like to walk (or jog) underwater to increase their fitness level!


So, basically it has an accelerometer that measures that I have swung my hand, and then multiplies by whatever it thinks my average stride is to come up with distance travelled? What if I’m a straight walker? Is arm swinging required?


How much do these usually go for ? no results in google products :frowning:


This appears to be the same watch with a different name. 20 bucks more, but it is from a store that wouldn’t exactly have a great deal anyway.


would prefer a somewhat decent looking watch…


Woot Woot! My first Woot. I’ve been wanting a watch and a pedometer now I have one all together.


Pedometer should be worn on the feet. We can pretend mork from ork. But arms move more often during the day giving in improper reading.


What the heck three stocking stuffer for some


I just started running again, I’m down for one!


So did I, so I got one too. Now I can track some things and make some better goals. (of course running is still an effort for me).


This appears to be a match to brand name SILVA which sells for $59.95 in a number of places.
If nothing else it’s a cheap toy! I’m in for 1


I’ve just started running a lot too…but I’m probably out on this. I’ve already got a pedometer, actually two.

The first is, have I reached that one tree around that bend of the river yet?

The second is, can I smell myself yet?

These are dead accurate, and don’t take batteries.