Sports Beat Impulse Heart Rate Monitor



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$24.99 + $5 shipping


ho ho ho… one week to go… i hope you can get this one delivered in time… hotness… useful linkage w/ CSE links… they’re quite nice today.


No chest monitor. Not worth it.


Does the same thing only on your wrist…


I’ve got a Suunto that was about twice as much as this one off of steepandcheap and it works really well. I could use another heart rate watch for my girlfriend, but I’m not sure if this one is going to perform the same way. And since it doesn’t have a chest strap, I’m especially skeptical. Anyone have any experience with this?


My only complaint is that this is the first gen model. I use a chest strap with my HR monitor, and I can’t wait to find one with out a chest strap. Again - I am sad that this is first gen tech…


Same price ($30) at amazon.

Not much of a deal.


Amazon sells this for $30.09 with free shipping…and they take returns if there is a problem. NOT a good deal today, woot!


From all I read not even close to as accurate.


Why would I need a heart rate monitor. It’s either working or you’re dead, right?


If you’re parked in front of the computer all day, then you’re right.


heart rate monitors are for people who workout. Not those 12oz. curls you are probably used to. They can either monitor their overall rate of getting in shape or staying, or attempt to hit 'target heart rate’s etc. Basically useful for aerobic and intense workouts.


Taken from

Heart Rate Monitor using Strapless technology (No Chest Belt)

  1. Put watch on wrist.
  2. Place two fingers over the two silver buttons on the face of the watch.
  3. Wait 4-6 seconds and your heart rate will appear.

different model but prob works the same,


All I’m saying is that I would prefer not to have some cord or strap around my chest when I’m in the middle of a cardio workout. The wrist style heart rate monitors may not be as accurate as the chest style monitors but most people do not need exact BPM’s during their workout’s, they just want a reference to make sure they are hitting their target heart rate.


Understood. But for those under a strict regimen who may have had or have heart problems. Should be as accurate as possible as a consumer.

Again I saying for those without the medical insurance to cover the cost of overpriced equipment.

Just my opinion.


I had one of these 15 years ago. The sensor was on the back of the watch. It worked fine. I didn’t have to put my fingers on anything. I quit using it because I got tired of looking at my pulse.


Did anyone check out the enlarged pic of this? LOL Dummies!!


its also in the title:
1 Sports Beat D71 Dummies Impulse Heart Rate Monitor

question is does it make you a Dummie or you have to be one to begin with.


darn, and I bought a Mio for $50 less than a month ago :frowning: