Sports Beat Impulse Heart Rate Monitor

Note: This post contains pricing information for future reference because it is generally not available elsewhere once the next Woot has been offered.

Sports Beat Impulse Heart Rate Monitor
$19.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Sports Beat D71 Dummies Impulse Heart Rate Monitor

Anyone has one of these? Id it any good?

Does it read it from your wrist or do you have to place fingers on some sensors for it to get a reading?

Supposed to be strapless… here’s the Frooglein case anyone cares XD

old thread (From the last time they had this item (for 5 dollars more)) mentions that but no one actually says you have to. 1 review on amazon (out of 2) says it froze after 24 hours and only functions as a watch. (the other was positive)

Looks like you have to put two fingers on the sensors on the front.

hmm, I wonder if this would work for my daughter when she’s running?

“Server Is Too Busy”

I don’t need the heart monitor (well, I robably DO need one, I just don’t want one) and I can’t even remember what was over at And now the site is down. Funny this one’s up. Maybe it used it’s heart monitor wisely. Maybe we should all pony up some dough and give woot one.

Then again, maybe not.

Has anyone had any experience with this brand?

Just found this on eBay: “Just place 2 fingers on the watch buttons and you have a read-out within about 4 seconds It’s that easy”. For $25, I went ahead and will see how well it works.

Yes you do have to touch the two silver sensors on the front. More info on similar models at sportsbeatusa

Depends what your daughter is running from.

Just ordered one. My old watch broke last May and have been just using my blackberry for time. Hopefully this is a decent piece of electronics. This is my second woot purchase. The first was before Christmas. I nabbed the Zune speakers from Altec Lansing. Awesome quality and price!

Whatever happened to the good ol’ “palpate your carotid artery for six seconds and take the number times ten?”

Naw, no thanks.

I have a similar but not identical Heart Rate Monitor sold by Reebok. I was never very impressed with the accuracy of the reading that you get off your fingertips on the two sensors. My Reebok version worked occassionally but it usually took several attempts to get a valid reading. Two fingers on the neck was generally faster and easier to do when you were working hard and out of breath. Still, I think I paid $60 for the Reebok version so if this works for you then more power to ya!

This still has me laughing. Good write-up today.

What is the maximum circumference of wrist this will fit on

I am a fat son of a gun with ginormous wrists.

Would it fit one of my fingers instead?

Junk. If you’re going to take the HRM plunge then the strap type are the way to go as they don’t interupt your workout in order to function.

Using a HRM with the finger sensors is a hurdle you don’t need on top off the effort it takes to get your heart rate to where it needs to be for the period of time it needs to be there.

Whats the point in having a monitor that you have to uncomfortably put 2 fingers on it to get your heart rate. Not only is it a pain in the butt, but you probably will look like an idiot running down the road. I have had one similar in the past and hated it. I now have the MF-180and it is awesome! You all should try it!!!