Sports Face Masks with Filters

Sports Face Masks with Filters

Everyone realize that these masks with exhaust valves are unacceptable for Covid-19 or any other infectious disease? They would only be good for woodworking or something that you want to protect yourself against some irritant. There is a reason you rarely see masks with exhaust valves in the public much: only an idiot or somebody who doesn’t care about others would wear a mask where they would be breathing out unfiltered air through the valve.


I agree with the previous comment. You are not supposed to wear masks with ventilators.
I bought these but asked to return them because they didn’t fit right and the material was not very good quality. A mesh type of nylon. they have a velcro strap around the back and only I think three paper filters to replace the one that was in there. then the mask is useless unless you can find the right kind of filter. I do not recommend them. My request was granted to return them.

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I want to add the reason I bought them. I planned on keeping the filter part closed and they would work that way if they fit. And the material to me was kind of scratchy.

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I purchased these and do not like or recommend them

Would I wear these in a Walmart or Target, doing my shopping, and standing in line awaiting the next cashier? No.

Would I wear these in a restaurant where there isn’t much movement or ventilation, and I will be stuck in that spot for more than 10 minutes? No.

Would I wear these if I had my contacts in? No.

Would I wear these in my office environment, where I have my own office, and people will stand outside my door to chat with me for a minute or two while wearing their own mask, at least 6 feet away from me? Yes.

Would I wear these outside while in a socially distanced group with good air flow? Yes.

These masks are good for that limited contact, socially distant, not stuck in the same room with others while wearing glasses sort of moments, or when you are outside. If you have opportunities that fall within those guidelines, I would say that you could do a lot worse than trying these masks out. They are much better than not wearing a mask at all, or those flimsy paper disposable ones that barely cover anything, or those salad bar plastic shields.

And the replaceable filters are fairly cheap on the Mothership Amazon. I bought like 50 of them for 12.99 or something like that.

I wish woot were a little more upfront about the very limited cases where these masks are useful. They’re basically a face ornament for COVID purposes.

A good way of showing your friends you care about your own health but not theirs.

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