Sports Mask with Filter (Single)

Sports Mask with Filter (Single)

There’s a reason the photo for this doesn’t show how it attaches to your head - it’s absurdly huge. It’s not a string, it’s a rather large strap with velcro.

Also, they’re both too small and a weird shape. I thought my son could wear it, but the weird shape made it not fit him, either. Chimps have spherical mouth areas that might work well for this.

–edit. In fact, this made me go back to the pic where I got mine from. The picture in that one has the same mask part, but doesn’t match this, and also doesn’t match what I got (that pic shows little stretchy ear straps, like normal masks).

For what it’s worth, that deal was 5 for $18.

I have no idea what you’ll get.

Per the features:

  • Comes with adjustable Velcro strap to provide more stability

Probably the same reason that they rarely show electrical cords.