Sports & Outdoors Fall Garage Sale

Sorry Woot, but unless I missed something, I can get the Graber Black Mag Training Kit through Amazon from you for the same price and FREE shipping.

Are we sure the soccer ball is a size 5? I tried ordering it once before and received size 4, then was told it was a misprint on the website and size 4 was all that was available…

If these are size 5, I’m in. If they’re actually size 4, please update the product description!

Thanks for pointing this out. For shame, woot. This thing has been showing up here forever and I keep waiting for the price to drop to something reasonable.

and of course by buying it on amazon you have their return policy and a to z guarantee.
no advantage at all buying it here.

oh and because amazon is fulfilling the order shipping there is free.

I learned something new tonight. check woots amazon page before buying it on here. the items i looked at had free shipping plus the rest of amazons advantages.

I have the blue version of the Mountainsmith Cyber II bag, and like it alot. It’s very durable, the velcro is incredibly strong, and I like how I can velcro it around a strap or belt for easy access. (I usually tuck the flap underneath.) I can fit a Canon A1200 point-and-shoot and a couple spare AA batteries easily, and probably could stuff a couple more batteries in the bottom if needed. There’s a little slip-in pocket on the inside that I put the 2xAAs in, but it could be used for a memory card if desired. If you are after sleek and small, this is not it. It’s smaller than some cases I’ve had, but definitely not pocket-worthy. This is more of a “I’m going to drop, bump, or otherwise probably end up beating up this case” type case. I love it for camping.

Are any of the backpacks waterproof? My last festival photo shoot ended up happening in pouring rain.

forwarded your question along to our buyer. the answer is basically that none of the backpacks offered are completely waterproof, BUT our buyer did say he Scotchgards all of his backpacks and suggested these products:

Outdoor Water Shield.

Durable Water Repellent.

so, whether or not you decide one of ours is an ideal fit for you, Scotchgard might be a good way to protect your backpack and its innards.

hope this helps!

We bought the ZoomBang padded shirt and girdle several months ago and they are by far a great product for football and regularly $40. Then a few months ago they had them on here again but I didnt get any at that time. Id buy more now if they had more like the shirt with the side padding and another girdle. I definitely messed up by not taking advantage of that sale and getting more girdles and the shirt with the side pads too. These really work. My son says his shoulder pads dont bother him at all, no rubbing or soreness from hitting. The girdle is a lot more comfortable than the team supplied ones with the bulky pads and he never has any rashes because the material cools and dries quickly.
Boy, you’d think I worked for the company. lol.
I am always checking on here to see if the girdles or shirts with the side pads come back on. But even this shirt with only the top pads is worth every penny.
We dont dry them after washing just in case the padding material breaks down but I think that is supposed to be safe too.

that girl in the garage sale picture sure is purty

It sucks to be her. Beyonce is having a yard sale at the same time, right next door.

Is this backpack big enough to hold a 15.6 laptop, several textbooks , lunch and so on?

Basically want to use it for college.

We gotta get those Rawlings 5 piece compression shorts back on here!!!

Great boots! Except I could stick both my feet in one and still have room to walk around in that same boot!


I bought the 11.5" First Baseman’s Glove, however, it is not a first baseman’s glove…did you send the wrong product or list it incorrectly? It would be great to get the correct product.


Yeah, we’ve been through this every time it’s for sale. That’s what Rawlings called it though.