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Am I reading this right? The pushup 360 is a SINGLE? Not a set of two? Is it common for people to only use one of these at a time? Do most people only have one hand? Or are one-handed push-ups the norm these days :slight_smile:

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Settle down there.

If you look at the box picture, you’ll see two of them thingies. And from the specs, in the box:

(1) Reebok Push-Up 360, includes:

(2) Push-Up Stabilizers
(1) Pump

All happy now? :happy:

Somebody made way too many Lin basketballs. This is about the 420th time I’ve seen that here.

I like the Lin basketballs. I use them during my weekend job when I work with kids. I own at least 4 of them. They are good basketballs for small hands and if they get lost, no big deal as they are cheap to replace. I think I may buy a few more just to have as spares.

From the description on the trekking poles:

“Great last resort against bears when you run out of pepper spray”

…which of course you could say about virtually anything in your pack. Just start throwing things. First aid kit? THROW IT! Sleeping bag? THROW IT! Raw meat? THROW IT! Handgun and ammunition? THROW IT!