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Are the Shock Doctor Insoles sized for women …or men? It makes a difference! Please advise.

Hey. There is a photo of the Buffalo Bills roadside emergency kit, but it is not listed in the pull-down menu. What gives?

Still trying to rip people off with the NCAA mystery bags? Sad just sad

Does the Tom Brady Bleacher Creature come fully inflated? If so, is there a needle included so I can let the air out of it myself?

You monster.

You have to text the deflater. Brady doesn’t deflate his own balls.

STAY AWAY from the FILA fleece jackets!!! I bought two of these. The zippers jam everytime* you use them. One zipper jammed so much that my prying the fabric out of it has completely broken the zipper and the teeth don’t grab any more. It’s a shame, because the sub-par zippers ruin an otherwise outstanding fleece jacket. I would give this item 2 out of 5 stars, only because it’s good fleece. I

I just received the youth left handed glove. The description is way off. The only thing accurate is that it is a left handed glove. The color is actually all black, it is 12 inch not 11 inch it has a full web pocket instead of the I pattern. I don’t know how so much fail fit into such a small box.

16.99 for the Wilson Tennis shoe is a steal!
Love them for tennis and for everyday wear.
I purchased my first Woot Wilson’s for 29.99.
They dropped them to 16.99 so I just purchased 2 pairs…thanks woot

The Wilson tennis wear are perfect size…I have 11.5 dogs and the 11.5 shoes fit like a glove…true fit

someone sounds a little deflated… get over it…we won

I got my pin set a week ago. People who spy it from across the room and are fans of different teams act all deflated.

In the end, I am all four it.

Four championships that it.