Sports & Outdoors Steals

So woot can ship me a deadly crossbow and all the knives I want but a harmless airsoft gun is just too risky…silly IL laws.

SIZE 18 golf shoes!!!

Insert putter joke here

I’m sure glad they have PowerBalance wrist bands, for as cheap as they are. I may have to buy a bunch and sell them at full price to people who are gullible.

Guess the crossbow is to take out those pesky golfers. The mug and blanket are to stay warm and have coffee while you sit in the woods and pick off said golfers.

AGAIN with the no shipping to NJ with the crossbow. Get your stuff sorted out, woot. Crossbows are 100% legal in NJ AND can be purchased out of state. There are NO restrictions on crossbows in NJ.

God woot. I am getting angry about your shipping policies. Those power bands should not be able to be shipped anywhere! I mean c’mon. Really. Truely. Honestly. Know what I’m sayin’…

Please get some more of the power balance wrist bands and save a couple for me!!!
They were gone before I saw you had them. Please get some more!

i REALLY want that crossbow. Just wish it were a tad bit cheaper.