Sports & Outdoors: Stock Up

You have the Mountain House in the promo photo but not a single deal when you click through?!? That’s just teasing. Thanks for nuthin’.

Shouldn’t this stuff be over in Sport? just asking.

The cook set isn’t much of a deal. There’s a virtually identical Esbit one on Amazon for $22.76 with Prime shipping. Sure, this one comes with 5 free fuel tabs, but you can get 12 for $3.96 if bought as an add-on item when you buy the stove.

So the other set is $26.72 for cook set and 12 fuel tabs; this one is $24.99 (after shipping fee) for the cook set and only 5 fuel tabs.

I have to agree. Showing a product then not having it for sale is just a tease.

Also, the text says 9 and the spec/stat says 5. Could use clarification.

It wasn’t until I got to the “gun mugs” that I realized that Woot was just taking a piss on prepers.

Daily woot browser and camper here. It’s official: the gun mugs are the stupidest items I’ve seen yet.

Anybody know the capacity of the shaker bottle? I’m just getting into camping (got a nice Wenzel “allegedly” 4-person, 84"x84" tent in a Woot sometime back) and during my first foray I figured out a shaker type container would’ve been handy to have.

Woot!, I demand you offer a deal on Mountain House meals. If I did this on ebay, I would be kicked off.

This could be a Jeopardy answer to the question: How do you know when Woot stopped caring less for maintaining relationships with its members and more about pushing leftover junk?

Whenever I consider buying a product on Woot, I always subconsciously ask myself, “So what’s wrong with it?” Minor details become critically important when, for example, I have no idea why I need a crossbow. To wit, the markings by the safety on the crossbow is in Comic Sans. The entire internet would make fun of me.

That Stanley collapsible bottle is dirt cheap but it only has so-so reviews on Amazon - Any other feedback?

As many above mentioned, I came due to the email I received regarding the Mountain House items. And, there is not a single item in sight =*(

Advertising a product that’s not for sale is called bait and switch, which is illegal in Woot’s home country of Texas, under the Deceptive Trade Practices Act (DTPA). But it’s cool – it’s teh interwebz.

I do the same thing. The next question I ask myself do I want to be stuck with it if something is wrong with it since Woot’s returns policy stinks.

I would suggest getting a BlenderBottle instead. It’s exactly the same thing (and just about the same price), but its got a whisk ball inside that helps shake things up.

You know what this sale is missing?
power balance bracelets!

The one at woot has a little door to control air flow which can control the heat so it may be worth the extra few dollars.

Here I am, stuck at the office, starving for lunch, and WOOT dashes my hopes of a quick meal by showing this stuff but failing to show any possible means of purchasing same. It’s one of the more interesting approaches to sales that I’ve ever seen. Here it is - but you can’t buy it. I feel weak.