Sports & Outdoors Winter Clearance

I am seriously surprised no one has commented on how terrifying that Shih Tzu cover looks or the fact that it would make it appear that you have a decapitated dog’s head on your golf club.

what do you do with this football table???

Theme party? Super Bowl, perhaps. Paper football? :slight_smile:

I like the table. Super easy to put together. Little shorter than I thought but going to stick one in the guest room and the other two I got I am going to spray paint and make end tables.

High Sierra 53710-3003 Badger 40 Pacific-Ash

Just a note - I bought this last week and the tag on the backpack says “CHILD SIZE”.

There is not a super clear note like on other items that this is only for kids.

I was debating on the football table too, but the dimensions are small, I thought maybe using it as a TV tray, but I think it is still too short.