Sports Research Premium Collagen Peptides or MCT Oil

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Sports Research Premium Collagen Peptides or MCT Oil
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These are specifically for the non-gmo, gluten free, cage free, line caught, anti-vaccine, and chemtrail crowd. Within some containers you will find a golden ticket. This can be wrapped around your head externally from the aluminum foil that’s already there for extra protection from gubbament mind control devices.

Wait until you’re 55+. You will be praying for this stuff! Big difference in joint pain for arthritis sufferers.

Can I use this to make a cellular peptide cake with mint frosting?

Since when did anyone genetically modify coconut palms? They grow like weeds in the Tropics. What would be the point? Does make nice advertising copy, though. They should have also used gluten free.

lol…this has to be the nuttiest thing Woot has ever put on. Peptides? Collagen?

lol…I once went to an Asian grocery store and saw something along the lines of “Giant mutated gelatinous coconut”

So I guess they mutate coconuts for some bizarre reason.

But…is it locally sourced? That’s the important part.

Assuming we all have joint paint when we turn 55. Not everyone’s body breaks down the same way. Me? If it happens to me, I’m going what old folks used to do; Get a bottle of Mogen David and sip on it. haha

I feel like lumping those groups together with people who care about chickens being cage free or not, is a little excessive. Otherwise I agree.

I’m none of those, but MCT oil is a prime ingredient in “Bullet Proof Coffee” (look it up) and is a key role in the ketogenic lifestyle. You may not want it, but it just saved me $7 off the ‘mothership’ price :slight_smile:

I agree, but also know that cage free is a marketing term anymore and the regulations behind it doesn’t actually mean they have better living conditions. You should know your source if you are concerned about it. Which then makes me feel like I deserve to be lumped with them - who the hell needs to know their farmers name (except me)

I do enjoy the flippant comments, but I actually also use BOTH of these products. I am a very active and fit 49 year old commissioned officer in the Army National Guard and have experienced results from these.

The MCT oil has been a key component to my Keto inspired diet that has helped me lose 25 pounds this year. I just opened my 3rd container of collagen peptides. I put this in my breakfast smoothie. It has significantly helped with joint stiffness and pain.

So, make fun of the marketing all you want, both of these products are effective and worth the price.

The fun part is in places where they mandate GMO labeling, GMO resistance actually dropped because everyone saw everything they were already eating contained them and has for years.
So, when asked to give up their favorite foods, everyone instead gives up the fight lol.

Now goofy marketing aside, I’ll have to look these up to see what the heck they are.

EDIT: Hmmm I like coffee, I’m tempted to try this just to see what happens. Hopefully not the explosive stomach issues some of the comments on Amazon mention!

Good grief, sifting through all the comments to find the ONE that had to do with an actual user of the product…

This MCT oil is 1/3 Lauric Acid (C12). These act more like LCT instead of MCT which isn’t what us keto folks are looking for, especially in bulletproof coffee. Look for a 50/50 or so mix of Caprylic Acid(C8) and Capric Acid(C10)only MCT oil.

I have drifted away from MCT oil, but use collagen peptides daily. And yes, I need them, because I will probably have to work until I am 80 lol, and they do help significantly with arthritic pain. Protect your joints now.

Evidence-based benefits are pretty shaky. Eating collagen to produce more collagen isn’t likely to work well, since digestion & biochemistry are far more complicated than that.

You just killed any of the placebo effect for these people. I’m a pharmacist, and the funny thing is that when people believe something works (even though the basis and the studies clearly don’t support it) - I never talk them out of it - assuming it’s not harmful. The mind can truly play a part in ones own well-being. Every drug exhibits a certain amount of non-pharmaceutical “placebo effect” that contributes to it’s actions. The overall effect varies with the drug class and disease state, but the mind definitely has influence to some extent. So bottom line is from a biologic standpoint your are correct that evidence-based benefits are pretty shady for most nutritional supplements, but if someone says they feel better when using something- I try not to pee in their Wheaties.