Sports Supplements

In regard to Scivation Novem stick packs, I purchased these two months ago as a cheap pre-workout since the ingredient list seemed fairly average.
As a moderately high level athlete who has used tons of different pres over the years, I would give these packs a below average rating for effect,but that’s what I expected for the price. The real downside to these things is the taste… I mean FOUL, HORRIBLE, REVOLTING taste the likes I haven’t experienced since pres started creeping into the market in the early 2000’s. The fruit punch is tolerable if choked down slowly, but the berry… wow the berry… I ordered two boxes and just threw away 22 packets of the berry because I tried one, and then another just to make sure it wasn’t my imagination that it tasted like a chemical factory farted in my mouth.
All in all, an ok pre for the price if you don’t have any taste buds at all.

anyone try the protein bars?

You can find “Pure Protien” bars with just as much protein, significantly less sugar and half the price for 12 bars with coupons and subscribe and save. Especially with $5 shipping a box?! RIP OFF! Not only NOT a deal, WAY WAY WAY TOO MUCH!

Giving con-cret a try need a little bit of a boost… Reviews look great… esp for Pineapple

The con-cret powder is $19.98 for 72 serving at Costco. Looks like a good product but the price on woot isn’t fantastic.