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Hmmm…a floatation device that rolls your kid face-down in the water and holds them there. What could go wrong?

No model # given, but it appears to be the GunVault NV100. Price on Amazon is cheaper at $18.82 w/free Prime ship (Woot price is $14.99 + $5 ship). Also, this vault is limited size, for sub-compact guns only. What a sorry woot :frowning:

Prime ship? This is still a deal for those who flipped the figurative bird at the whole prime membership thing.

Agreed - how exactly is this thing legal?

Dammit, I have been watching and watching for the Camelbaks… lol I checked the Sports page today, and of course they were on the main page! Guess Ill have to keep waiting!

Dear Woot,
Next time you sell hydration packs please make sure your inventory is high enough so that more than one person, yeah one, can purchase them. It seems like you sell out waaayy too fast.
Thank You,
Dehydrated Wooters

I bought the GunVault NV200 last time they were up. Mine arrived without keys (kinda hard to use, eh?) I contacted the manufacturer and they were super easy to work with. Mailed keys for the safe right out to me.

So if they happen to have exactly 1 pack on them, what should they do?

“Sorry, we don’t have enough for everybody, so you can’t have this one either?”

Isn’t that what BOC’s were originally for?

Go ahead and buy a geigerrig, you wont regret it

Yes I agree I’ve been waiting and hoping cause it’s the first time of seen camelback and missed it last time.I looked and there they were excited to see I can grab one but again all gone and only the woman’s one left.This is second time around woman’s is still up that I’m tempted to buy.I don’t care about color but it probably wont fit.Wait did I just say I’d buy a woman’s backpack cause i can’t get one.Woot what have you done to me.I’ll wait again.Uggg

I don’t care what color camelback is available, I want the guy in the picture wearing the camelback!

Why are the only other websites that mention the Coleman tubes in Russian?