Sporty Loot



What’s your sport? And what do you think of these bats?


Got the tee ball bats last time, very good for the price!


I’ve bought the Rawlings shirt and the ice packs. The shirt is a nice weight and good looking for a super price. The ice packs are going to be perfect for when I get the occassional migraine.


Where do they get these stupid marketing pictures from?


marketing pictures?
that’s one of our developers on his day off.


Sporty loot is not nearly as cool as Sporty Spice!


no 2x love :*(



I have one Rawlings Long Sleeve Fleece Pullover in Men’s Large, unworn, unused, still in the bag. Too large for me - the Medium fits perfectly. If anyone’s interested, PM me. Thanks!


the do fit big.

and are really nice for the old price of 12.99. they are a steal at nine bucks.



Does anyone know how well the NBA Enduracool Cooling Towel cools.
I can’t stand the heat in the summer.

Amazon has mixed reviews.

Thanks & happy holidays!