Spreadshirt US Shop Partner Round Table discussion

I’ve been invited to attend the “first Spreadshirt US Shop Partner Round Table discussion” in Boston on Dec 11 where they’re going to review some of Spreadshirt’s newest functionality and ask shop owners opinion’s about a variety of subjects. If any of my fellow shop owners would like to send me questions or comments, I’ll see what I can do about having them addressed while I’m there.

Coolness! I’d probably ask if you could get them to build preferences into making new products. IE- I like AA shirts, and I always have to select them from the variety of products when I create a new product. It’d be easier to build a prefs list where I can specify default products…

I’d love to stay informed (they should blog it!)

I hear ya about the prefs list. Spreadshirt’s quality might be better, but I had a much easier time adding, updating, rearranging and just plain setting up shop with cafepress!

I need to revise my shop. Products are too expensive… wanted to do the flex print digital, and it costs an arm and a leg. Should limit it to digital direct.