Spring Bestsellers

WHAAAAA??? Winter is coming? In AA? Long sleeve?

In for 2!

The logo shows a short sleeve for Winter is Coming. I know it’s a Long Sleeve, just thought you guys should know.

Long sleeves … is autumn coming already?!

O yea the fall is fast approaching… time to spend money on long sleeve tees!

so awesome that it is AA!


I’m tempted on the tote bag. Anyone familiar with the quality of these bags?

And does anyone find the size useful? I just measured a couple of my other totes, and they’re all around 14" wide…around 3.5" wider than Woot’s.

I have The Binge tote. It’s been my work lunch bag for 4-5 years. I’ve washed it several times, and there’s no fading, no threading, still in really good shape. It’s a bit smaller than a tote I’d take to the market, but it will hold quite a bit–roomy for a gallon of milk. Or a pineapple and a peck of apples. Or 2 2-liter soda bottles.

Thanks! I’d be more likely to use it for books, up to notebook size, often with a water bottle and snack thrown in for when I have to be somewhere waiting. I’m just concerned that width might be too narrow to well accommodate the extras.

I guess they have not fixed the typos on the Separate Peace design. Have fun looking for them. Yes them – plural.

I have two of the totes that I bring with me back and forth to school. I can easily fit a couple notebooks, my pencil case, my ipad, a textbook, and my entire lunch in the bag without any problems. The base of the bag I have with me today is approximately 12"x6", so it is quite roomy.

Thanks! Appreciate the insight.

But now I’m coming back to wonder whether the 12" you’re describing is the same size tote for sale now… specs says it’s 10.5x14x5. From the image, it looks like it’s taller than wider, so I’d guess the 10.5 is the width, so I’m still wondering.

I’m in Texas and can’t fathom putting on a long sleeve shirt anytime soon, probably not 'til at least November… Woot, you’re in Texas too! What gives?!

What gives is that there are other States in the nation, along with other countries with a climate that’s different than Texas.

I have many of the totes (mostly because they are nice to keep the materials for individual craft projects in), and I use one for carrying school books, including a very large, very heavy lexicon. I can fit the lexicon, two or three other books, and a sweater in it with no problem.

On a related note, Woot, I’d love to see the zip totes make a comeback. Just puttin’ it out there in the universe.

Wasn’t one of the words spelled wrong on the “Peace” symbol when it was a shirt?

found two words spelled wrong…accomodate and chidren, you would have thought they could have fixed that for this sale! sloppy…

are there more?

I’ve got a narrower and a wider tote. Both fit my work binder (3 inches), an ipad, and various miscellany (wallet, keys, headphones, water bottle, various journals/magazines) with enough room to squish my empty lunch box on the way home.

Thanks all… taking a chance on one. The cubist call box is calling me and I can’t resist the adventure.

Why is Sups and Flash hanging out with the Avengers? I would SO get that shirt if it was Hulk and Thor, or if instead of Cap, Spiderman, and Iron man it was Batman, Green Lantern and WonderWoman.

now that I’m typing this, it would’ve been better with at least 1 more character in each, Ant Man for Marvel and Aquaman for DC.

I’ve been waiting for a cool Whovian tote for months - instabuy. My random Nevermore tote can retire.