Spring Fun

Flowers & allergies & silly string, oh my! Not to mention the beautiful use of that silly string…

Congrats on a well deserved win! :slight_smile:

Virtual Electreecity. Congrats!

Those colors and lines are EPIC!!
congrats Luke :slight_smile:

I was thinking it looks electric too. A very vibrant design. Congrats :slight_smile:

Great design. Props to the artist. Unfortunately, woot is still using the idiotic new pricing structure, so I’m still boycotting. I would love to buy one…but no.

Will it take as long for the shirt to get here as the real Spring is taking?

Holy Shirt, no! Spring is already messing with allergies here…we hear Montana isn’t as lucky! The black ops team is itching to get it to you and they all have spring in their step!



Same here. I keep popping in to see if they’ve fixed the pricing.