Gimme Stickers! Yay! Thanks.

Wooooooot. :frowning: When I said ‘teal’ I meant ‘TEAL’, not ‘sea green’!! Though I might have given it a try if it was the newer fox shirt. :stuck_out_tongue:

I do hope you’ll add a new blank to go alongside the Eggplant. This ‘block tee’ or whatever isn’t quite what I had in mind, though. Such a strange design of a blank. o.o;

New product blanks:

Unisex poly-cotton tank tops - American Apparel BB408. AA’s neon colors are pretty bright, BTW.

Color Block crew tee - Alternative Apparel.

Polo - Alternative Apparel Berke Urban.

They are calling it Neon Green. I wonder what it will actually look like, because it does look to be sea green to me, also.

More polo shirts please!

I’m pretty confident I have this down, but just to be sure (and I apologize if this comes up often): “Jersey zip hoodie” is pretty thin, right? Not the more typical (to me) fleece-type hoodie?

I REALLY want the totes mcgoats tote but I never use totes… If I buy it, i don’t know what I would use it for :confused:

That is correct; it’s about t-shirt thickness. The blank itself is a Tultex 0260 and runs on the smaller side.

I really need/want a Zombie Garden tote. Was thinking it would’ve popped up for this category :frowning:

Love the sticker packs. Last time I ordered two, and just got duplicates of each sticker, so I think they aren’t as “random” as you’d expect.

Polos?!? Yippee!

Please, please, PLEASE offer one with the “COEXIST” logos.

Actually, I would love it on a poster, too. I keep getting the sticker packs hoping it will be included, but so far, no luck.

I will just put this here after poking around with the colorblock tees: they are thin, thin enough that most definitely a bra will show through the white. It might not be too bad with different colors, so hopefully one day that’ll happen because they feel super super comfortable.

Sad I missed the stickers during sad internet outage time. Make more, I will buy more! :smiley:

I have ordered stickers multiple times. One time I did receive 3 duplicate sets of 10. The first time I received 15 different stickers in 3 five packs. My most recent set of 15 ten packs of course had many duplicates, but was quite random.

Is the pencildelic print one solid mass, or is the white in between space of the design going to end up as shirt material, making it more pliable?

No print for the white; being a white shirt, there’s no underbase required either, so the print (ink) will be soft too.

(Wearing Blossom today, so that’s my basis.)

Colors of a feather needs to be a tank top

So mad I missed the stickers sale. Please do this again in the future!

Keep an eye out, you’re one of a bunch of peeps that are looking forward to more. :slight_smile: