Spruce Tree Pre-Lit (3 Sizes)

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Spruce Tree Pre-Lit (3 Sizes)
Price: $89.99 - 199.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Nov 09 to Tuesday, Nov 10) + transit
Condition: New


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Comments/Disscussion from a previous offer

One of them says it’s 7.5-inches (") tall. I’m assuming that you mean 7.5-feet (’).

Rookie McSteak, home.woot.

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Xmas trees really have to be seen in person to get one you will like, long term. Sure this is probably a deal. Somehow it just feels wrong to buy one from a deal site like this (sight unseen, no return, shipping a large box for $5…). Like Dumpster-diving for discarded 2014 Christmas lights.

I agree with Woody1. Pictures can be deceiving. I have an artificial tree that would be hard to replace. We’ve had it for 20 years. It has three different kinds of pine needles and it’s very well made. I even spent a full day removing the pre-lit lights since half the strings quit working.

Anyone know if this could be placed outside on a covered porch?

I would like to know if one light goes out do all of them go out or just one. It takes me hours to find the one light that screwed up my strings of lights. I want it easy to maintain. LED’s would be nice as well.

As far as the previous sale comments about a dusty tree here’s what I do before decorating every year:
Set up the tree on the front porch, plug in the leaf blower and blow away!
Works great!

Your right the trees are either 7.5 foot or 9 foot trees

Yes trees are not easy to see the quality and texture online as in person. The 7.5’ full tree was sold by WOOT last year and the entire shipment was sold in 1 day and they had planned on two different days. The feedback was terrific so they added a 9’ of the same design, the mixed pine which is PVC and PE. They also added the 7.5’ slim which is gorgeous and our #1 selling tree. It is much better look in person than online.

Yes, you can place it under an outside covered porch. the lights are indoor / outdoor use. The material is pvc and coated steel so they can take those outdoor elements as well.

If they were LED I’d jump at the 9 foot.

The light sets used are called series connected light sets. So when one bulb burns out the others still receive current and remain lit.

Great to know.

My next tree will have to have LED lights, and I will have to see before buying, as many low-powered LEDs use PWM, which causes high-frequency flickering, which in turn causes headaches and nausea for many people (my wife included).

My wife likes a lot of light, so our last tree was a 7.5’ with 900 lights. It is a beautiful tree and is nice and bright, but the Kill-A-Watt meter says it is sucking ~600 watts, which is not conducive to all-day lighting. Here’s to hoping for some gorgeous non-PWM LED trees…!!!

Btw, my parents are still using the artificial tree they got from Sears in 1973. How’s that for payback? :slight_smile:

I’ve bought my last 3 Christmas trees online (over a 25 year period). What you want to look for are the number of tips. The more tips, the more full the tree will look.

Then compare the tree type - spruce, fir, etc. Each has a different needle structure.

Lastly, the number of lights for the size. I had a 9’ foot tree with 1600 white lights on it at one time. You could read by that sucker.

There’s plenty of info out there if you Google.

Saw the answer about the covered porch. Can we put this in the yard (and hold it down with garden stakes)? We live in a snowy climate.

I’ve done that before but we covered the connections in plastic bags, sealed them with duct tape, etc. When your out in the blowing snow taking a beating I would suggest using commercial grade lights which are considerably more expensive but that’s what they are designed to do.

Guessing from the comments that these are incandescent?