SPX1 1080p HD Wifi Sports Camera Bundle

Anyone read or have a review on this camera, I just purchased one for my nephew, he rides dirtbikes, also what 32g sd card should I get for it, does it matter?

Thanks for any info…

Are spare batteries available?

Not here. But maybe elsewhere?

There’s no identifying marks on the battery, any chance to get info from vendor?

I’ll ask!

Per the vendor, it’s a li-ion batter rated for 3 years use. At this time, there are no replacements in production.

We bought one of these for our 8 year old for Christmas along with a 64 GB micro SD class 10 card. We formatted it inside the camera but we still cannot take pictures of videos. The unit keeps saying that the SD card is full. Any ideas how to fix this?

It says that the max card you can put in is 32G, so maybe there is some sort of issue putting in a larger card?

That Worked!
Many Thanks!!