Spy Net Recording Night Vision Goggles

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Spy Net Recording Night Vision Goggles
$29.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Thank goodness, I was hoping for some headlight replacements!

Seems a little stalkerish.

Anyone else just have a Silence of the Lambs flashback?

At least they are cheaper than they were the other day.

Well, to be safe, you’d need to replace the strap first. It isn’t intended to hold them to your face. Easy mod though for all you stalkers out there.

doh, paid like 10 bucks more for this the other day. think it will be a cool christmas present for my nephew

I am not sure why I would need these?

I think Woot knows something we don’t… a no-squeak cot, a hydration pack, and now Night Vision Goggles, sounds like an apocalypse to me!

No you see, the items from the past couple of hours all go together. The ultimate stalker bundle. You have something to rest on, a camera to take pictures with. A rugged hard drive to keep all your information backed up safely and some mouse pads to take notes on. Sigh.

curses the fact that they don’t magnify

i just got my two sets in a few days ago. these things are awesome!!! me and my nephew played hide and go seek for hours before i needed to change the batteries in mine.

Yes, same price too.


And with this, all the black and white ads at the back of comic books (and Boys Life mags) start to come true. Are see-through glasses next?

Ehhh, I bought 3 the other day and now wish I hadnt. They are not goggles, they are binoculars. You must hold them up to your eyes at all times. They do not stay strapped to your skull, nor are they made to do so. I would have saved my cash and spent a little more for a halfway decent pair had I known the poor quality of these. Save your money on this one.

Just picked up a set to stalk the wife with…

Ouch!!! Just triped over the chair in the dark trying to get to the computor. I need these, I’m buying them. Oh wait I just realized I can just turn on the light.

I bought one last time. The goggles work nice, the thumb drive was/is defective.