Spy Net Recording Night Vision Goggles

Now if I can get the exploding net gun the elusive bigfoot monster will finally be mine!

They are not cheaper…

Hmmm… Still at 100%. It’s NOT moving! Time for breakfast.

Bought them for my nephew as well. Maybe I’m helping to turn him into a creepy video gamer stalker? I Hope not. I think his other present will be camping gear…wait, then that sorta turns him into the creep bomber that can live in the woods and almost get away with the crime until busted dumpster diving at an out of the way discount grocery store…Goodness, I hope this kid makes it in spite of my contributions.

I can see myself touch it in the dark now !

Just got these in the mail. Dunno if they are any fun yet, will have to wait til Sunday for my baby’s bday. Looks cool enough for a 12 yo to me.

I tried to warn you all the other day that these were garbage that most five years old would get bored of after ten minutes. And about them not being goggles, the lack of depth perception would make it an unwise idea to strap these onto your face. You would most certainly hurt yourself.

hello Clarice ;->

Hhhmmm? I must have done a system restore and now I am back at last Tuesday?

Just got mine from the Woot a few weeks ago and these are a lot of fun and work fairly well. I can see my dogs in the back of my yard in near pitch black…

so you can make a great ghostbusters costume…duh

headlight replacements would probably sell faster

Purchased a pair already from woot, was a little disappointed as these are packaged and marketed as a “kids toy”. I haven’t used them yet but am already skeptical on the image quality.

Still waiting on mine from last time. Come on, I’ve got some splinter celling to do.

i’m still uMad about missing the camelback

Just wait, some more HP Quad Cores coming your way.

Alright people enough chit chat … GO TO WORK !! like the nice little sheep we all are

Gah, not moving - guess I can actually pay attention to my work now… someone lemme know when these sell out in about 2 hours? >.>

I live alone in a big dark park these would be great since my regular binoculars don’t really help in darkness…however I’d find myself posted at the window just waiting for something to lurk in the shadows. I’d drive myself nuts

To start your very own Private Eye Agency… for cash you’ll check up on cheating spouses and conveniently email them a copy of the video… you could post all the video to a subscription based web site as well… you’ll be rich… Rich… and with a really skilled attorney and possibly a false Identity you’ll be able to keep some of it.