Spyder Men's Full-Zip Chain Knit Jacket

Spyder Men's Full-Zip Chain Knit Jacket

Do you have to live in your mom’s basement and have a man bun to wear it?

I was stoked when I saw this and the 10 year old me thought COOL, Spiderman’s jacket.
Now I’m back to being a 58 year-old depressed guy.
I would look desperately dumb if I wore this. too form fitting for me.

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Is this jacket water resistant?

Since it’s knit, I doubt it.

Ah, thanks. The write up song led me on.

Man, when I was a kid, Spyder was a premium brand like Descente. Not sure what happened to them but expecting to see in the local walmart soon. Yes, I know I’m not getting any points for this post.