SPYDER Men's Full-Zip Jackets

SPYDER Men's Full-Zip Jackets

Do you have three pictures reversed for, “Waffle Knit French Blue/Green” and “Waffle Knit French Blue”?

Good morning! I’m told they are correct…

Nope! The “Waffle Knit French Blue” has a teal zipper. The “Waffle Knit French Blue/Green” has an army green zipper.

Is the Weld color the gray one?

Next to the white one?

Weld is the first one in the photos. The photos are captioned. If you on our app, click into the sale and look at the photos there.

There’s no picture of Tony Black. What is it and how it’s different from Black? Also, sizing is for pants I think - you have to be 7’ tall to have hands longer than 32’'. And I didn’t know jackets have inseam?

I see Tony Black in the photos near the end.

It’s a general size chart so it also includes inseams. Sleeves are measured from the behind the neck, I believe n