Spykee Vox Robot

Is this compatible with Johnny Five?


OK! In for 43!

…the hell?

Will Smith missed one?

Does that Ipod come with it?

Did I miss the Binnndle of Carrrrrots?


DJ Roomba!

Dat Assembly…

phew, another ipod accessory. I was afraid they ran out of ideas!

What happens if no one buys one?

If you happen to miss this one, its only $5 more on buy:

Weren’t these things supposed to have fancy networked cameras for spying on the house / messing with the cat???

Hmmmnn… Monthly woot off’s kind of make them more of a “wootine.”

Get it? Routine? See what I did there?

If they push the price a bit lower, that would get our attention back.

oh lord. c’mon woot! give us something that will actually sell.

Dat Assembly…

since he is a warrior robot, i wonder if i can mod him to wield the SOG knives…

Yeah, a couple of those letters spelled some other kind of robot as the page refreshed.

I was… confused for a moment.

Yeah!..ok… well this was unexpected… can it go away now?