Square Dance


Meh…more word play.


Being nerdy has never looked so cool.

Isosceles what you did there.

Watch out for the jealous T-square hiding in the barn. They can get real teed! :slight_smile:

Next up, the Electric Slide Rule!

I wonder if the T-square measures up…if you know whatta mean…

They make Acute couple.


I like this. It’s acute.

He should find a girl to dance with who is more acute.

Hahahahahahah! Oh my, this got me.

No no no. It’s a half step 10 inches and then a 180 degree turn your partner round and round.

So what do they make if they get together? A sextant?

That’s quite enough hyperbola, thank you.

From the looks of the tick marks, “he” appears to be metric while “she” is imperial. Their love can never be!

Wow, even as an artist I feel this is a bit too geeky for me. LOL still, interesting shirt!

Ugh three acute puns in a row… we really need to think of these responses from a new angle.

Sorry everyone. You’ll get oval it.