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Good idea but too red for me


Hahah cherries? Congrats to the artist.

Wow a celebrity making shirts for us XP


why don’t they all have green leaves


That’s kinda cute. ^^


i live in the cherry capitol of the world. and this shirt makes me want to hurl. egads not a good idea.


My love for Ace of Cakes grows. Katherine, you rock!


I do love me some Ace of Cakes… Congrats Katherine!


condition: untouched



The government allows it for authorized cherry tee organizations.

Nice. +1 for the pun.


This reminds me of Arrrgyle, only less ripped off from Uneetee.

Probably because the concept is even worse.


Am I missing something with this shirt?


Cute shirt, love the name!


I didn’t get it until this post. You’re helpful, and I’m dumb.


I like the design, but red is unfortunately very not my color.


I think that the idea is really neat - and so is the pattern - but it wasn’t utilized as best as it could have been. Not a lot of movement going on in the rectangle, and the pattern itself isn’t enough to sustain interest like in a similar pattern-in-a-rectangle shirt, Aaarrrgyle. I think that the cherries might be spaced too far apart.


(I ponder to myself)Will this post be deleted?

This is an interesting shirt. The randomness of the green on the stems bug me. I wish all the leaves could have been green, or a discernible pattern produced.


Katherine rocks! I can’t believe we get to have a shirt made by her. It’s a little simplistic, but I think it works.


I read the title, saw the photo and laughed. Not something I’d wear but very “cute” none the less!