Squeeze Play Cabernet Sauvignon (6)

Squeeze Play Cabernet Sauvignon 6-Pack
Sold by: Donati Family Vineyard
$79.99 $144.00 44% off List Price
2013 Squeeze Play Cabernet Sauvignon, Central Coast

What’s the story here?
I’ve generally enjoyed Donati wines in the past.

No Maryland? I guess I’m out this time. :frowning:



Had to wipe the tear from my eye after the monkey left me this bottle and got back in his delivery truck. Knowing I probably would never see him again with wine.woot closing down.

We let the wine rest and later decanted a half hour before dinner. Cork was barely pink, so I was expecting a lighter wine. Yet it poured a nice dark red as you can see above.

I could smell the dark fruits as I poured the wine through the funnel. The wine is fruit forward. Mild tannins with light acidity. The glass before dinner was very pleasant. The acidity was sufficient to balance with the food. We paired it with lasagna.

The final glasses after dinner was also enjoyable. So this wine does well with food or on its own.

I would call this a crowd pleaser. A nice fruit forward Cabernet that is very easy to drink. Nothing complex, just straight forward and good.

I could find nothing on the Internet about the wine. Nothing in CT. Just that it was Donati Family that owned the label. But you know that.

I hadn’t heard this. Was it mentioned somewhere?

Yeah, that little nugget shocked me, too. Did a little Googling, and it seems that Amazon is shutting its Amazon branded wine business because it conflicts with its purchase of Whole Foods. Wine Woot follows the same model, so the fear is that WW might be next. I didn’t buy enough Wellington!



How many times have we heard that Woot is completely independent of Amazon. “We do our own product research, set our own prices, they don’t tell us what to do.”
I guess we’ll see, won’t we😎

Check the second tab for forums and there is a thread with the announcement and discussion. Some speculation that this is not the end for WineDavid, and loads of support that this is just the start of a new chapter.

Here is a better link direct to the wine.woot announcement.


Wow. Blows.

We tried this Cab at the NoVA gathering recently. It was “meh” IMO but my LW liked it. She said it was “jammy” which is not something I usually associate with Cab Sauv and I didn’t get any jamminess myself but there it is… hard to say much else about it as we were sharing it between ~30 peeps so the sample sizes were quite small.

Wine Woot is closing down? When?

End of the year

TA: 7.12 g/L
pH: 3.85

Is that correct? Seems conflicted…

I hate to hear this but my husband will be delighted

I was close to using that term as well. I associate jammy with Zin, and this had a similar level of fruitiness. Now what I expect in a Cab, but a nice drinking wine nonetheless.

Now I wish that I had been able to get a bigger taste of it. Sounds interesting.

I guess I’m slow, but this is the first I had heard about the closing as well, although I have already joined onto the Wine Country Connect email list.

I want to thank you all for teaching me so much about wine through your reviews and debates and semi-appropriate comments. The last two years have allowed me to taste and review some super-cool wines as well. What a privilege to share this all with you, and I can’t claim the longevity that some of you can.

Wine David - thanks for the concept. I’d be interested if you are looking toward a new Wine endeavor. You have democratized the sometimes pretentious wine world, and I feel like there has been a silent coup!

Let’s rock out the remainder with some super-great deals!

I was at the NoVA/DC tasting, too, and had a wee bit o’this wine. ddeuddeg and I were sharing tastes! My notes are very brief: It tastes like a Cab. It is bold, almost chewy, As a first impression, I would translate that as full bodied! However, it seemed like it needed more time in the bottle. Give it a few years and I see great potential for this wine. Of course, we didn’t have the luxury to taste this wine over time, as PB did! Maybe with a little aeration and food, it would be very nice now.