HELL YEAH GITD!!! Congrats, Robbie!

Yes! And it glows! Awesomeness!!!

Did you know: This shirt glows in the dark.

would the glow in the dark awesomeness fade away?

Be careful-- everyone knows what happens after you eat lightning.

That’s just how I like my lightning bolts, too: freshly squeezed. MMM Delicious!

Oh glow in the dark. Ever so taunting once again.

I was going to buy this shirt anyway, but the glowing just makes it so much better!

Rock on Robot Thor! And we have a run on royal.

Great call on the GITD ink woot! Congrats Robbie, glad to finally see this one get printed. In for one.

Here’s my $10 hoping it works on the same sex too…

Congrats Robbie! In for 2!
So glad they used the GITD too.

I wonder what that cloud did to that robot? Do you think his attack is malicious, or is it simply a result of ‘I MUST GLOW, RAWR!’

Which derby was this from, originally?

sigh… This is a cool shirt but not what I was hoping for.

<—sad panda

So Skittles come from rainbows (which, according to yesterday’s shirt, come from vomiting white clouds), so I guess we can get candy lightning bolts from storm clouds. When are we going to see these new candies hit the shelves?

[edit] Hmmm, interesting woot-censorship on my comment. “Taste the rainbow” is apparently now the catch phrase for pork-rind flavored Skittles.

So glad they decided to go with your glow version! I ordered mine. This is the first shirt i’ve bought in a long time.

Snagged! The GITD ink just makes it that much more awesome! Congrats Robbie!

I bet Thor could take this guy out.