SQUIRL iPhone 6/6S Power & Protective Case

I do not see that this has an over charge safety feature, does anybody know?

Confirmed! All their cases have a regulator to prevent overcharging. They are also ETL tested and certified.

Why do all the pictures from the back show that the camera isn’t lining up with the hole designed for the camera? Did they put the wrong size phone in? Is it supposed to look like that? The front doesn’t look offset. It’s pretty weird and I don’t think I’d like it like that.

Also, can the plugs be folded out to use as a sort of kickstand to hold the phone up to watch videos? I know it’s probably not RECOMMENDED, but it would be a great feature.


The hole for the camera is aligned when the case is closed and covering the charger. In the photos it is open.

AH! The case slides closed, covering the plug when it’s not needed! That should have been one of the selling points, not something left to guessing! I like this item even better, now!

This is only 2300 mAh, you need at least 3000 to make a battery case worth the effort, in my experience.

Does this fit a 6 plus?

No, a 6 Plus is larger than a 6/6S.