St. Julian Blanc de Noir Sparkling

St. Julian Blanc de Noir Sparkling 4-Pack
$59.99 $̶1̶1̶3̶.̶0̶0̶ 47% off List Price
Braganini Reserve Blanc De Noir Sparkling Wine
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OK, want to try it but can’t handle a whole set. I’ll take one off somebody in SoCal if they purchase.

Drinking the 2009 Chancellor right now and loving it.

Did you know something we didn’t?

I’m in the, want to split an order, anyone in Willamette Valley (Eugene area) want to go in on one?

Nope, pure chance to be drinking their wine tonight. I wanted something with high acid to go with the tomato sauce, and I knew this would fit the bill.

The 10% RS makes me wonder if this will be too sweet for me, but I’d still be happy to try a bottle.

does wine.woot work like the rest of woot? ie selling things nobody wants elsewhere? if they only bottled 388 cases in 2011, and woot got hold of this, does it mean nobody likes this stuff?

fine, i’ll try it.

Had an earlier vintage of this a few years ago. I was disappointed - it was a bit too acidic and sharp for me. It may have mellowed out in subsequent vintages, and at $15 a bottle is probably a fair price, but it’s a pretty pedestrian wine.

A friend who knows how much I enjoy tasting wines from all corners of the country sent me a bottle of this Michigan Braganini Reserve Blanc de Noir to sample. I was concerned that it might be a flawed bottle because the cap was rattling and felt loose under the foil. I thought maybe it was a plastic cork that had cracked but it turned out that this is a screw-top bottle! There is a rounded plastic cap over the screw-top that gives it the appearance of a traditional champagne cork under the foil.

The wine is a pink salmon color - not orange salmon like in the woot pictures (a bit lighter IRL than the pic below but the hue is about right).


Tiny bubbles rise in continuous tendrils up the center of the flute, while larger bubbles float up nearer the edge. Medium sized bubbles cling to the glass itself.

On the nose; strawberry, baker’s yeast and a floral note (Geranium?) with hints of cherry and peach.

Tongue-tingling acidic effervescence on the tart entry. Dry, yeasty red berry palate with a slightly bitter finish.

This is a solid Sparkling Rosé that drinks in line with its regular retail price of $25/bottle. For $15/bottle plus tax and shipping this is a very good deal for those who like Sparkling Rosé wines or have a special event coming up that calls for good bubbly at a reasonable price. Iron Horse it’s not, but there is some good QPR here.

EDIT: I guess technically this is a white wine. It says “pink” on the label. I’m still going with Rosé! It’s produced using the saignee method according to this fact sheet.

I’m in portland, message me if you want to split one. :slight_smile:

I’ve actually been to this winery a few times and they know their sparkling wines. Tastey stuff!

Hi All, Nancie the winemaker here. The first thing I want to clear up is that there in fact is a typo. The wine is 0.1% RS - almost bone dry.

The wine is tart with acidity, but hey, we are from Michigan and we have nice acid levels in our wine here…great for sparkling wines!

The wine is red grape driven so the flavors and aromas will be of red fruits, but we add a splash of Traminette before bottling to perk up the beautiful floral aromas that Traminette can have.

We only make this wine every few years and 2011 was the perfect vintage to do so! This wine also took a GOLD and Best of Class at the Indy International Wine Competition!

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Hey Nancie! I just wanted to say that I love St. Julian’s selection. I’m a local from Kalamazoo, and you guys consistently put out stuff that we want to buy. It’s awesome to see you online here :slight_smile:

Gotta say I LOVE my job! In the last 3 years, we have been turning it up a notch and I’m glad to hear that you are enjoying! Many new exciting wines it the works and I cannot wait to share! Cheers to you!

Lab Rat Review: Thursday afternoon, I had a FedEx sticker left on my door saying I had missed a package. I swore to my husband that I hadn’t ordered anything (as we’re trying to save money for him going back to graduate school this Fall). I looked on all of my accounts to see if I had missed anything, and as soon as I figured out what it must be, I looked up the nearest FedEx. Friday afternoon, I drove to pick up my prize and opened a bottle of St. Julian Blanc de Noir Sparkling Wine. My husband was excited as this is his cup of tea. I generally like fruit bomb reds.

We refrigerated overnight and decided to do our tasting on Saturday evening.

Initial thought: This is definitely a dry sparkling wine. The bubbles were uneven and fairly large. I thought it smelled crisp and light and definitely tasted that way. The tastes were balanced but a little muted? I tasted raspberry and mushroom. My husband said it was drinkable without food and guessed the price at $25/bottle (spot on!).

After 15 minutes, I let it warm to see the difference and thought it smelled and tasted sweeter. Also, the berry was more pronounced with a little less funk. Most of the bubble was gone, which disappointed my husband, and he thought it was barely drinkable after the fifteen minutes. I honestly like it better but bubbly wines are not my favorite.

Overall, I’d say this is a good price for a decent sparkling wine (and we finished the bottle on Saturday). My husband said he’d buy again if we saw it at a store for $15-20 so for the Woot price, this is a deal!

I was recently informed that these guys had a tasting room thats only about 30 minutes from me (in Dundee, MI). Definitely going to have to make my way up there in the near future and taste through some of their wines.

Wine maker with a black box?!?! Let’s make this a sell out!!


Happy Birthday to WineDavid39!!

Happy Birthday to WineDavid39!!!


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Thanks for clearing up the typo - 10% RS seemed rather high! So why you choose the Charmat method vs the traditional method? How does it affect the final wine and aside from cost, how would one choose which method to use?

I had the opportunity to try this wine over the weekend. My bottle was not like the other reviews. There were very few bubbles. A few tiny bubbles rising up from the center of the glass in 1 or 2 (at the most) streams, that was it. The bottle was very warm when I received it, but I have no idea if that accounts for the difference.

I tasted strawberry and cream with some citrus on the finish. Happily, although there was a creamy flavor for me, the cream was not overwhelming, the finish was clean, and there was no funky aftertaste. I didn’t get any yeast flavors at all.

After tasting on Saturday, I put the bottle in the refrigerator (yay screwcap) and tried it again on Sunday. I actually preferred it on the second day, because the berry flavor had faded a bit. To compare with California sparklers I’ve had, I’d say this wine is comparable to a Chandon. However, my bottle was clearly a little different from the other reviews, as there were few bubbles, no yeasty flavors, and I didn’t get much acid either.

I did enjoy the wine, but I think it would have been much better if the bubbles had been there. Maybe the heat, or something? I don’t know.