St. Julian Forbidden Fruit Sangria (6)

St. Julian Forbidden Fruit Sangria 6-Pack
$54.99 (Normally $78.00) 30% off List Price


How do you say “Oh, hells yeah!” in Spanish?

This wine is from Paw Paw, Michigan. “They” say that Paw Paw is the city so nice, they named it twice.

Is it just me or has woot gone to absolute **** since the change

Delicious sangria…and what better way to make it even better…add bubbles!

Perfect wine for these HOT summer days!

Yay Cesare! Glad you are here.

$44.94 for a 6 pack on their website…

For those that have had this, how sweet is it? How fruity?

Weird! So is it actually made like a traditional sangria with fruit soaked in wine? Then they put in the yeast as they bottle? Seems a bit high for a price point for Sangria though… a restaurant doesn’t charge much more than $10 for a pitcher.

this better than sangria you can make yourself? or just easier?

This is what I was about to post.

Not just you.

Although the St. Julian Pinot Grigo and Reisling from a previous Woot purchase are pretty decent summer everyday wines. My first Michigan wines.

9%? No thanks. I have an assortment of things I can water down my wine with in my own refrigerator.

Even with shipping and tax, just 59.64 on the site. Not seeing the deal here woot…

I was just checking this out myself…yeah, 7.49 a bottle…hmm

The 44.94 price is for the sangria. This is not the sangria. It is their sparkling sangria which was selling for $12.99 a bottle on their website.

Anyone know how the “sperkling” is achieved in these wines? I don’t drink wine with carbon dioxide injection.

That’s the regular Sangria!!! This is the Sparkling Sangria which is $12.99/bottle at That would make 6 bottles $77.94…so this IS a savings!

$103.57 with shipping (to CA - not sure if it’s a flat rate) on their website… So you would save yourself about $48 if you have already purchased something during this WootOff.