St. Julian Pinot Grigio Case (12)

St. Julian Winery 2011 Pinot Grigio Case
$99.99 (Normally $180.00) 44% off List Price
2011 Pinot Grigio
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Oh, I got this Pinot Grigio earlier in a mixed case and it was quite good. Fairly dry and crisp. A nice fall wine.

Any sweetness? Would you buy again for 9/bottle? Is it crisp ala sauvignon blanc? Thx

Oh, I just finished my last bottle last week. I really liked it. It had a fruitiness but not a fruit bomb. A bit sweet but not dessert wine sweet. Just right sweet for me.

I’d buy more but 12 bottles is a bit much for me.

I’m agreeing with ThunderThighs. Slightly sweet, but not too much so. It would go well with a light pasta or fish, for instance. I would buy it again, but I’m not needing 12 bottles of it, either.

Give some away!!!

When I get cases, FedEx scores!

Anyone in New York City or Nassau County interested in splitting a case of this? I’m in Flushing and head into Valley Stream on a regular basis.

Also got this last time in a mixed case and loved it! Was waiting to get more but as the others stated, 12 bottles is too much for me right now. Will split with someone. I am in WV close to Maryland and PA. For the poster above, my son is in Long Island, maybe we can work something out there. This wine is not too sweet, was perfect drinking on a warm day or paired with any dish from the grill. Am still considering biting the bullet and going for 12.

In New London / New Haven region of CT. If anyone wants to split a case let me know.

still waiting on my Reisling mixed pack that I ordered during last woot-off, supposedly shipped on 9/18 but tracking shows no information… awesome. thanks woot!

Anyone in socal/long beach area want to split?

Message Woot, they are the only ones that can initiate a new order for this.

Yeah, email us at and we’ll be glad to help you with your order :smiley:

Woot Staff

I’m in the same boat on that mixed half case, so it isn’t just you.

I just had some of this last night, it was good but really don’t want 12 bottles.

Would be interested, but I can’t use PayPal - or am I mistaken?

I live in MI where this is made so I can get this at any general store for about 6 bucks a bottle. Not really a deal for me but it is good wine.

You should be able to. Try again/different browser?