St Julian Riesling/Pinot Grigio Mixed (6)

St. Julian Reserve Riesling/Pinot Grigio Mixed 6-Pack
$59.99 $97.00 38% off List Price
2012 Reserve Riesling, Lake Michigan Shore
2012 Reserve Pinot Grigio, Lake Michigan Shore
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Both of these used to be my favorite go to summer wines for everyday but I have pretty much given up on West Virginia ever getting added back to the list of ship to’s. I certainly have saved a bunch of money over the past year or so; thanks Woot! Thinking of just becoming a beer drinker instead.

I’ve turned to mixed drinks. Georgia might as well be the Republic of Georgia as far a Woot Wine is concerned. My cellar is not what it used to be and Woot is to blame.

When will Georgia return? Will I be notified?

I am interested here since my dad loves Riesling and wife loves PG and the price is nice. No CT notes, no community notes. No winery participation. Maybe I am just spoiled but these things really help.

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I’d grab one each from you.
Enjoyed most all the St. Julian we’ve seen here before.

I’ve tried both of these! The pinot grigio was a nice dry wine with a crisp flavor. At the winery tasting, I remember comparing the pinot grigio with the pinot gris and preferring the pinot gris, but I usually prefer pinot gris over pinot grigio anyway.

The riesling is great. I’d classify it as off-dry, which makes it a little drier than most rieslings I’ve had. It has a crisp, fruity flavor.

I would highly recommend this deal. Both are good wines at a great price.

Pinot Gris = Pinot Grigio. :slight_smile:

St. Julian makes a wine labeled Pinot Grigio, the wine offered here, as well as a wine labeled as Pinot Gris. The Gris is under their Braganini Reserve offering. So if you are at the winery, good chance you would be presented with both. :wink:

That and although the grapes are the same Pinot Gris typically different in style from Pinot Grigio.