St. Julian Sweet Sparklers (6)

St. Julian Sweet Sparklers - 8 pack
$54.99 (Normally priced $78.00, 30% off list price)

2 N/V Sweet Nancie 750ml
2 N/V Michigan Extra Dry White Sparkling 750ml
1 N/V Passionate Peach Spumante 750ml
1 N/V Raspberry Spumante 750ml

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I am getting a headache just from reading the description, cannot imagine how painful the actual hangover would be.

Ok convince me, looks interesting, but are they too sweet to drink I like my sparklers to be sweet, but not overwhelmingly

Looks like woot when on a sugar binge. Sangria and now this.

these look awfully tempting…

Um. I thought they sold wine here. Doesn’t this belong on kids.woot?


I’m interested but cannot find any information as to reviews on this brand… Has anyone tried it? How was it (I’m ok with sweet, in fact I love it)?

Kids on sugar are bad enough… Kids on sugary alcohol would be… sheer torture for us adults :slight_smile:

Bring on the Arbor Mist and Boone’s Farm!

Unless there is 1 of these total, I’m just going to sign off with: Thanks woot! Great woot off!.

in for 1…can’t wait to try this!

Not for me

I can only speak about their 2010 Riesling which was, as expected, on the sweeter side of Rieslings, but was balanced out with the higher acidity. It not on the top of my list of Rieslings to order again, but if I was low and the price was right, I’d go in again. I haven’t tried the Pinot Gri yet…

Only when they wake up :slight_smile:

I can’t wait to hear what you think.

Booney :):slight_smile: I spent many nights scraping friends off the floor after one too many bottles… Aren’t we supposed to learn about moderation in, oh like 5th grade? lol

I guess we’re looking at a one day Both woot and sport.woot appear to be finished with their ‘off’ for the day…

Just what I was thinking! Maybe throw a little Bartles and James in there, too! LOL