St. Julian Sweet Sparklers (6)

St. Julian Sweet Sparklers 6-Pack
$54.99 (Normally $78.00) 30% off List Price
2 N/V Sweet Nancie 750ml
2 N/V Michigan Extra Dry White Sparkling 750ml
1 N/V Passionate Peach Spumante 750ml
1 N/V Raspberry Spumante 750ml

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This was offered before, yes?


The Sweet Nancie is DELICIOUS. Just a hint of sparkle, but it’s a great traminette :slight_smile:

I got these during the last Woot-off. Really liked them. My favorite is the Sweet Nancie. I’m thinking about ordering these again.

Mini thread hijack.

I know staffers hang out here, so… The envelope next to everyone’s name has disappeared, so I can’t send any PM’s. How do I get this fixed?

Back to the Woot off.

i see a mini envelope right next to your name, to the right of it, on your post (above and to the right of your icon). Has it returned, or is it in a different place now?

Must have missed these before, but have enjoyed the St. Julian still wines from an earlier woot. SWMBO will approve of this, and she’s still asleep, even easier to justify!

Previous offer:

I do not see it. And, I should see an envelope next to the avatars of others and do not.

There has been discussion this may be browser related. I use Firefox, both on windows and OSX and the envelope is visible. Also there on the iPad with safari and another browser I use. Also working with IE 9.0.8112 on Win7.

Perhaps you have an earlier version of IE, or have it really locked down?

Just for kicks, I tried using another computer, one that has IE8 and not IE9, like I have on mine. Therein lies the problem. Something on IE9 is blocking the PM capabilities. Now I have to figure which setting it is.

Looks like my order will arrive tomorrow.