St. Julian Winery Braganini Reserve Michigan White - 6 Pack

St. Julian Winery Braganini Reserve Michigan White - 6 Pack
$59.99 + $5 shipping
2 2010 Braganini Reserve Riesling
2 2010 Braganini Reserve Pinot Gris
2 2009 Braganini Reserve Traminette
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I dont need any more wine, but anyone who buys this could you let me know how the traminette is? I’m searching for a good traminette and so far every bottle that I have tasted have that off fermented taste. Maybe this bottle will be different?

If it’s me asking, you know what the question is going to be…

Is the Traminette 100%?

did anyone rat this?

Rats are only available on the weekend long deals. Not deal of the day.

No rats; that’s now for the Fri-Sun offering.

On an unrelated note, the bottles are pretty, but the labels look like stick-on, Avery mailing labels you print at home.

I’m looking for summer sippers, and I am intrigued by a Michigan offering. I can’t wait to hear from the Michigan wine.wooters.

Not a big white wine fan but I can comment on the winery and the area. I travel up that way frequently for fruit and such as they have great growing conditions. St Julian makes some very nice wines, they tend to run on the sweet side for my taste but are still very nice. Don’t know much about these selections but I would be willing to take a flyer on them. I still might because it’s cheaper than the gas $$ to drive up there.

maybe someone from the winery will be kind enough to answer questions

Michegan? Fascinating!

Looking forward to some winery participation on this (and maybe the good fortune of some midweek rats, which does still happen on rare occasion!)…very tempted just for the chance to try a new white varietel alone!

I live near there, I don’t like these, but I’m a red wine drinker. My girlfriend buys St. Julian a lot though.

I find the St. Julian whites to be on the sweet side in general.

Does anyone here aerate their white wines? I certainly do with most reds, especially malbecs and cabs, but I normally don’t with whites. Do you find much of a difference?

You ask a valid question. In fact, two of the last six Tuesday offerings had rats.

Just tried a Traminette in Vermont from East Shore. Didn’t take notes, as it was served in a thimble size plastic cup at a farmers market. This is a really popular grape in cooler climates apparently.

Does anyone know where to get a decent family style chicken dinner with all the fix’ns at? Or any good locally brewed German style beers?

You wine.wooters must have a very bizarre concept of “sweet.”

I’ve purchased wines on here that people complain are “too sweet” and I just don’t see it. I will grant that I prefer my wines sweet - Gewurz, Riesling, etc, but even when a Riesling comes up and people rant that it is too sweet, it ends up being medium or even mid-dry at best.

you guys have weird tongues. :smiley:

Whoever gets the second bottle from the left is getting skimped on some pinot gris!

And that affects the quality of the wine in the bottle how??