St. Patrick's Nibbles

“Allergen warning: Milk”


I knew what a banger was before I came here because at some time I read an article about kangaroos in Australia. Apparently, people eat kangaroo there and a popular way for kangaroo meat to be processed is into sausages, which they call “Kanga Banagas”.

Be careful, I ordered a couple of the xmas baskets and the pate and a terrine were moldy when the basket arrived before the use by date had passed. Mold is good on cheese, not so much on meat. Same company.

The Kerrygold Dubliner with Irish Stout is a good cheese, especially if you’re already fond of the Kerrygold Dubliner, however, my family like the Kerrygold Dubliner with Whiskey better. The Stout can be on the bitter side but the whiskey adds another level of flavor to the Dubliner and a hint of sweetness.

Double posting in the product description?

On the bangers? Yeah, I’ll ask about it.

Yes, on the bangers and the back bacon. I did a web search and a popular gourmet food vendor you often offer deals from that has this at a similar pricing as your MSRP.

And with that cleared up, I’m in for 2 of the double 2 packs. LMAO!

I might be reading this wrong but it sure looks like I can buy the bangers & back bacon directly from the vendor for less than this deal.

Um. Timing fail, or will these still be good in 364 days?

mine just arrived!

Got the green cheese collection. everything looks good, quality wise. I got a Kerrygold Dubliner with Stout instead of the Irish Green Wax Cheddar, which I wanted to try, but I like the stout cheese so I guess I can’t fuss too much about that.

More curious is that I just got the notice that my cheese was sent at 10pm last night. I’m lucky I was around to get it!