St. Supéry 2000 Cabernet Sauvignon / Merlot Sampler



this single handedly is the best day for woot in history. thank you lord…


Heh, Bluezharpking…agreed. raises glass to the nectar of the wootgods


Brilliant idea. The snapster and davebug have great genes.


now if only there was a


note on the casual “launch” here: we’re still sweeping the floors of contruction dust and changing up a few signs here and there… so if somehow you’re stopping by (hey who leaked that we were open anyways?!), welcome and please excuse the mess. Ordering and, more importantly, the shipping of orders is now active.


As a long time wooter, let me just say “WHHHHOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO!”


are there other woots that I don’t know about? this could make midnight more interesting.


Not yet!


they keep going out of business because we forget to tell people about them.


Wine Woot, I love it! I actually just tasted at St. Suprey in St. Helena this weekend and highly recommend it. Yum.


Time to slap around the guys in the marketing department!


So no new wine at midnight? Or maybe I’m jumping the gun?


Actually, we let the wine age a little longer. A week, to be exact, so people can take a little time to look into it. Of course, it’s the still same as over at Woot, when it’s gone, it’s gone.


Woot Wine does just roll off the tongue. So does Woot Waffles. I hope you guys start selling waffles soon because I’m famished.


Nifty! I’ll have to read the FAQ to see how they handle underaged kids trying to buy booze online…


Are you guys taking requests? I’m not much of a red wine drinker and would love some Peruvian wine, namely Tacama. Keep up the good work.


From the FAQ:

I’ve never mail ordered alcohol so this was new to me, shoot me. Was wondering how they did it.


Are we going to have a wine “beverage of choice”?


Where is the woot winecast?