St. Supéry Napa Valley Trio


awesome deal…I’m in.


Nice, think I will plunge for my first woot wine purchase!


Happy Coming Out Woot … so where’s the party?


Looks tasty. Any ratings?


Oh, the first wine.woot that led me down the path I’m currently on–buying up (and consuming and enthusiastically learning more and more about) wine. But oh…woot…it’s the St. Supery Cab I’m after…not the Merlot…I’d have to buy two Merlots for every Cab!..bummer, I may have to pass. Then again, maybe my wallet needs a break this week. Also note last time the Cabs were the 2000, had some more age on them.


not a bad idea.


Any winery with a name that i cant pronounce must be good. A good woot but i’ll buy you later in the week.


i tried finding some reviews from the first time around but theres way too many people complaining about the delivery. Anyone have any opinions on this one?




Price is good on the Merlot - but the rating at Wine Spectator is fairly low. Only an 83.

Winery: St. Supéry Score: 83

Wine: Merlot Napa Valley 2000 Price: $24
Country: California
Region: Napa
Issue: Web Only (2003)

A modest effort that displays dry mint and tobacco flavors, with a hint of currant and cedar, but fails to inspire. Dry tannins, too. Drink now. 30,140 cases made. (JL)

Nothing on the 2002 cab at the spectator…


Happy to see the Gift option now available and also happy to see Woot coming out of Beta. Unfortunately, it looks like I’ll be passing on this week’s offering. :frowning: Sorry…Love you Wine.Woot but in the interest of sharing information with my fellow Wooters…

In 2003 Wine Spectator did a rating and gave the 2000 Merlot an 83:

  • A modest effort that displays dry mint and tobacco flavors, with a hint of currant and cedar, but fails to inspire. Dry tannins, too. Drink now. 30,140 cases made. (JL) *
    CellarTracker comments on the 2000 Merlot:
    *Tasted by oldsailor on 9/26/2006 & rated 85 points: Not much bouquet, color still red but I see hints of rust. First few sips did not show much fruit but after 30 minutes the flavor and bouquet became more apparant. Still some tannins, so maybe this one will last beyond 2006. (52 views)

Tasted by robf on 6/23/2006: Not great (199 views)

Tasted by jrushin on 2/27/2006 & rated 70 points: Color: Brick red, with shades of brown and orange on the edges.
Nose: Slight aromas of damp earth, wood, alcohol
Taste: Tannins, full mouth feel but little to no body, chewy, acidic on the finish, nothing lingers
Comments: Past it’s prime and barely drinkable, poured down drain (475 views)

Tasted by EricBe on 6/20/2005 & rated 88 points: Must have been the hamburger & french fries I paired it with, but this went terrific with dinner. (603 views)

There was no WineSpectator rating on the Cab…But, on CellarTracker there’s the following comment from a user:

  • Tasted by drewrowe on 7/9/2006 & rated 86 points: Drank this bottle on a not too hot July evening with a yummy dinner of grilled pork chops, grilled veggies and crusty bread. Wine is very dry but not too astringent. Oak is forward followed by red fruit and chocolate. Finish is very smooth. Should be a reliable company dinner wine. Color seems to be going a bit brown but aroma and flavor are clean. Should pobably drink sooner than later. (78 views) *

Finished the Merlot from my first order. Not extremely impressed, but OK. The Cab was better. Still have several bottles. So, I guess not tonight. I still have three bottles of WOOT wine left.


Here’s a review from the Press Democrat newspaper in Santa Rosa. Three stars for the cab on a scale of 1 to 5.


I was hoping to see a return to some of the cheaper cheaper wine.woots after the last couple expensive ones. By this I really mean cheaper per bottle but more like 5 bottles at a sale price of $10 or so.

Makes it easier to keep the wine rack filled as a poor college student in a neighborhood with a ton of BYOB restaurants


My first wine.woot purchase!! =D


I think I’ll have to pass on this offer given the postings on CellarTracker re Merlot.


Ahh, a blast from the past…but I see this time it is a 2002 Cab being offered (not the 2000 as in the previous Woot!)… but the same 2000 Merlot. Speaking of the previous Woot offering 2000 St. Supéry Merlot … and mine suffered some heat problems back then - leaking corks … it was Not spectacular and only very average in my unprofessional opinion. (I’ve actually had an $18 William Hill 2003 Merlot that I enjoyed significantly better in terms of the smoothess, aroma, and richness and intensity of the berry flavors and ballance of the oak.)
So just my opinion of course, but I’d tend to agree with the previously posted reviews. I still have another of the St. Supéry Merlots left as well as the Cab, so I’ll have to give it another try now that it has cellared a while, but I’ll be passing on this Woot this time.


From the posts I’ve read so far, it looks like this offering is headed for a woot-off. I pray that next week will be better… Much higher rated offerings at my local grocery store for less. This doesn’t make much sense.


So random- some guy from St. Supery winery actually called me on Friday and tried to sell me more of their wine. When I told them that I had bought 8 bottles (4 '00 cab, 4 '00 Merlot) he told me that their '02 and '03 offerings were MUCH better, so while I am tempted by the '02 cab, it’s not worth it for me to buy 2 more of the Merlots, which aren’t bad, but there are definitely better out there.

also as a result of Sideways, I now feel dumb giving a bottle of Merlot as a gift, especially if it’s a Merlot that I know isn’t stellar.