St. Supery - Three Pack

St. Supery - Three Pack
$59.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: Red
1 2004 Napa Valley Merlot
1 2005 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon
1 2006 Napa Valley Malbec
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What’s the other 2% in the Cab? Snips and snails and puppy dog tails?

St. Supery has some great wine. I have done tastings there and I buy their wine when I can. I am not big on red wine, but I might be tempted to buy these just because I trust St. Supery to have some pretty good stuff! Too bad I am 6 months pregnant. :frowning:

Tempting… the merlot and cab from the early days of wine woot were delicious.

2000 Cab

2000 Merlot

Bring back the great $10/bottle wines! All these $20-$40/bt are killing me.

Maybe half of it is the extra 1% from the Merlot.

From the St Supery website

97% Cabernet Sauvignon,
1% Petit Verdot
2% Merlot

As for the extra 1% in the Merlot there isn’t a product sheet on their website for that one so that will remain a mystery for now.

Hah, they’re making it easier for me to spend more money on other discount wine sites…

Gotta put my $0.02 in here. Picked up some Cab on clearance for $15 and was disappointed even for that. I can’t comment on the other wine here.

I live 20 minutes from St. Supery and though I have never been, I have always had good experiences in restaurants. They are are solid producer and I hope I just got a bad bottle…

As I recall, their cab and merlot were the first or one of my first WW purchases (but seem to have fallen off the list of my account purchases–I’ve bought too much wine from woot apparently!)

In any case, I really liked that cab and merlot–in my opinion the merlot had more character than merlot seems to typically have.

I’d be in for two sets…but I have no place left to store wine under cool conditions. (Still hoping WineDavid some day comes through with an approx. 300-350 bottle cooler at a typically great WW price).

Too bad? Nonsense! Congarats!

A little red wine every day makes happy fetuses and better adjusted babies.

What’s up with all the reds? The last several weeks have been all red wines

You make any notes? Remember any details?!! Hope so. I know all those old-timer wooters love this stuff and will be having a field day when they wake up.

St Supery has a flickr site too, with lots of lovely friendly photos on it, like their wine bottles, and judging from the family album pix dates their offspring must be almost exactly my age.


OK, here’s Hugh Johnson’s take on the vineyard from this year’s pocket wine book. "
->* (is above average to highly-reputed)
Sleek and graceful Merlot; Cab Sauv can be outstanding, as is red meritage. Sauv Bl one of the best in the state. Sources some grapes from the warmer Pope valley east of Napa valley. French-pwned.
For HJ the Cabs “can be” outstanding is likely to mean that it’s probably the good years of the more expensive Cab which this offer is not!

Also, 04 and 05 were not amazing years AFAIK, and I suspect these two years are for immediate-ish consumption, with the more expensive 06 standing a decent amount of ageing. The winery website says the 07 will stand 10 years of ageing, so the 06 being a good year ought to be similar, I think.

A couple of short reviews:

2006 Malbec review on a blogger’s winery tasting. It was their favourite out of all the exclusive wines tasted. This is the wine which is the “best” out of the three in terms of winery pricing and positioning. Note the 05 Cab tasted there is a “better” Rutherford Cab, not the one on offer.

This snooth blog review on the 05 Cab was hoping for more, but still liked itl. Good acid and long finish. See review for more.

Can’t find much on the Merlot 04. Maybe low volume?

I concur.

I agree…I too need somewhere to store all of mine. Great Idea about the Cooler!!!

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Folks said the down economy was going to bring out some wicked deals, and this week seems to bear that out. This is the second deal this week to cross that 50% threshold (when including the cost of shipping).

Click the link above for full discount details, CT prices and links, etc… And enjoy!

Is that Malbec worth the $40 retail?